Orthopedic Therapy In Clive

What is Orthopedic Therapy?

Orthopedic physical therapy is a specialized field of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Orthopedic physical therapists work with individuals who have conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, and fractures. The goal of orthopedic physical therapy is to help individuals recover from injury, reduce pain and inflammation, increase mobility and strength, and prevent future injury.

How Does Orthopedic Therapy Work in Clive?

Orthopedic physical therapy typically begins with an evaluation of the individual’s condition and a physical examination to determine the cause of their pain or limitations. The physical therapist will then develop a customized treatment plan that addresses the individual’s specific needs and goals. This plan may include exercises, manual therapy techniques, modalities such as heat or ice, and the use of assistive devices or braces.

Exercise is a crucial component of orthopedic physical therapy. Physical therapists work with individuals to develop and implement a rehabilitation program that focuses on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. These exercises may include stretching, strengthening, and range-of-motion exercises that are designed to help individuals regain normal joint function and reduce pain.

Treatments Used in Orthopedic Therapy in Clive

Manual therapy techniques are also commonly used in orthopedic physical therapy. These techniques include hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and trigger point release. These techniques help to reduce pain and inflammation, increase joint mobility, and improve range of motion.

Modalities, such as heat and ice, are also commonly used in orthopedic physical therapy. Heat therapy, such as using a heat pack or hot towel, helps to increase blood flow and reduce pain and muscle spasms. Ice therapy, such as using an ice pack, helps to reduce swelling and inflammation and numbs the area to reduce pain.

Assistive devices, such as braces and splints, are also commonly used in orthopedic physical therapy. These devices help to support and stabilize joints, reducing pain and allowing individuals to perform exercises and activities with greater ease. Physical therapists will often fit individuals with the appropriate brace or splint and provide instructions on proper use and care.

Orthopedic physical therapy is also focused on injury prevention. Physical therapists work with individuals to identify and address any factors that may increase their risk of injury, such as poor posture, muscle imbalances, or overuse. Physical therapists will then develop an exercise program that addresses these factors and helps to prevent future injury.

In addition to traditional physical therapy techniques, orthopedic physical therapists may also use cutting-edge technologies and treatments, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and laser therapy. These technologies and treatments help to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and accelerate the healing process.

Orthopedic physical therapy is a collaborative process, and physical therapists often work with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, and occupational therapists, to provide comprehensive care for individuals with musculoskeletal conditions. This interdisciplinary approach helps to ensure that individuals receive the best possible care and achieve the best possible outcomes. Enhance the impact of orthopedic physical therapy by incorporating stress-reducing activities like playing online games at icecasino. The relaxation and diversion provided by these games can complement orthopedic therapy, fostering a more conducive environment for healing and overall well-being.

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Orthopedic physical therapy is an essential component of care for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Physical therapists help individuals to recover from injury, reduce pain and inflammation, increase mobility and strength, and prevent future injury. With a focus on exercise, manual therapy techniques, modalities, and assistive devices, orthopedic physical therapists provide a comprehensive and effective approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions. Schedule your appointment to start your recovery today.

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Louise Shimon

My first and only horrible experience with vertigo was two years ago. After a few hours my symptoms subsided but the rest of the day I was afraid to do anything for fear that the spinning would return.

In the following days I went to physical therapy with Annette. At the time, she worked at a branch of a physical therapy business that accepted my insurance. Annette had wonderful bedside manner and took great care of me within the boundaries set by insurance. One of the things she did during procedures was to have me wear goggles connected to her computer. By doing so she could record the movement of my eyes. Then she could play back the videos to review.

Since then I’ve not experienced any severe symptoms. However, about a year ago mild symptoms surfaced again. I went to a different PT because Annette had begun her own practice and the corporate PT clinic was unable to tell me where Annette was practicing. The physical therapist I went to in the interim tested me briefly without goggles and couldn’t detect any abnormality as far as vertigo or balance.

I then went about two months without going to PT, thinking I must be imagining symptoms.

At the end of those two months I was able to locate Annette at her own new practice, Mountain Laurel Physical Therapy. She DID have me put on goggles, tested me several ways and could verify that yes, she had data pinpointing my issues.

Because I’d probably been experiencing vertigo for those entire two months, it took several visits with Annette to resolve the issue. During that process with Annette, the symptoms were still minor and I could do most activities at an ok level. But Annette helped me modify so I could feel comfortable doing anything I wanted.

Annette listens very thoroughly to what I say about my symptoms. Also, because she is a cash business, there are additional reasons I still choose to go to her.

She can take longer with me than insurance would pay for.

She can do more in a single appointment than insurance would pay for.

I can correspond with her between appointments if I have therapy-related questions and she’ll get back to me with feedback.

Between appointments she checks in with me to see how I’m doing.

This next one is huge and she would not have been able to do this if she was still employed at the previous clinic. She went with me to my ear, nose, and throat doctor to converse with him about my ear issues. It was very reassuring for me to have Annette at the appointment talking the lingo with and comparing notes with the ENT specialist. Them having the opportunity to converse with me present solidified what each of them had me do for follow-up to make sure they weren’t missing anything. To me that option is priceless.

Craig Krauss

Mountain Laurel is a huge ace to have in my hand to keep me going at a very physical job.  Annette is very knowledgeable and I learn a lot during our sessions about why my nerves and muscles act the way they do, explained in a way I can understand.  I truly appreciate that my progress is a collaborative effort between Annette and myself.  She asks questions, checks my range of motion, and we discuss ways to proceed during our sessions and after.  She tweaks the program regularly based on what’s working or not and for where I’d like to make progress.  Each session is a perfect mix of hands-on work by her, exercises that I do, conversation, and evaluating improvement.  Annette is friendly and professional.  I initially came to her for dizziness, which really scared me when I was experiencing it fairly regularly.  I learned more about the causes than I ever could’ve imagined, and Annette’s straightforward tackling of the issue reassured me from the start that I was in the right place.  Since then, we’ve worked on strengthening my back and other muscles, coordination, stability, range of motion, tension reduction, and more.  We’ve discussed goals for where I’d like to be as I proceed through the sessions, and Annette has developed an ever-evolving home workout routine for me that keeps me active and works out soreness on days when I’m not in her office.  Her scheduling has been greatly flexible for me, and she offers to get me in before our next scheduled session if my body tells me I need it, and it is a huge relief knowing I have that option if I severely strain or injure myself at work.  It’s also a huge positive to have the variety of exercises she programs into the True Coach app, knowing I can use them whenever I need to work through pain and soreness on my own.  With something so essential as my long term health, I’m privileged to be a client at Mountain Laurel and have access to such beneficial care.