Mountain Laurel Physical Therapy Testimonials

Glen Blumer

I came to Dr. Annette at Mountain Laurel Physical Therapy via a referral. Now, just a few sessions into my PT with Dr. Annette, I am experiencing very positive results. I’m so thankful for that referral! It’s my turn to share a referral for Mountain Laurel PT. Just know that if you’re in need of Physical Therapy, Dr. Annette will bend over backwards to help you! Respectfully

Jennifer Gilmore

Annette is wonderful. She is compassionate and comprehensive. She has teamed with me through every step of my vestibular treatment. I sought out Annette after experiencing vertigo spells (new to me) with my vestibular migraines. I have felt listened to and validated. She also teams with my other providers. Effective and worth my time.

Ruthanna Johnson

So thankful for Mt.Laurel PT & Annette! I’ve been struggling with daily vertigo like symptoms since January, which were causing a big disruption in my daily life. She listened carefully, did several assessments, took my symptoms seriously and came up with a treatment plan. I’ve been steadily improving with symptoms happening only a few times a week and greatly improved in severity. She is kind, thorough, personable, professional and knows her stuff! I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out if you are in need!

Katherine Mehlhoff

Annette helped me find fast relief for my symptoms of dizziness that have negatively affected my life since having children. She was very thorough and her clinic offered a warm and welcoming atmosphere. She was able to identify the root cause of my symptoms and I felt immediate improvement! I would highly recommend Annette for anyone who is experiencing dizziness and vertigo!

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Karna Bosman

Annette was thorough in her evaluation, helped me figure out the source of my hip pain and how to resolve it. Excellent care.

Diana Elliott

Annette is very personable and takes time to throughly review your case. I have seen many therapist and she’s by far been very knowledgeable and upbeat.